Jul. 06, 2023

HARRISBURG – Rep. Tim Twardzik (R-Schuylkill) issued the following statement regarding his vote against the nearly $45.55 billion state budget proposal.

“Pennsylvania’s divided General Assembly promised to work together in this year’s budget process. Despite our differences, I was hopeful bipartisanship would win to better the lives of all Pennsylvanians, while passing a fiscally responsible budget. However, Gov. Josh Shapiro broke that promise by pledging to veto $100 million in funding for a Lifeline Scholarship program that would have helped students trapped in the bottom 15% of schools in the state.

“I am a firm supporter of school choice, as children in the Commonwealth deserve to receive better education opportunities. This is a huge loss for the education of our children.

“Ultimately, this budget proposal overspends with a 6% increase from last year’s budget and outspends taxes expected to be raised. You can’t responsibly run a household or business while outspending your bank account. 

“While it is not always possible to see eye-to-eye on a problem, working together is the difficult process necessary to achieve a solution. I will continue to work hard with my colleagues in the General Assembly to protect your taxpayer dollars, eliminate blight, advocate for better health care, ignite job creation, assist small businesses, and provide better educational opportunities for children.”

Representative Tim Twardzik
123rd District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

Media Contact: Katie Park
RepTimTwardzik.com / Facebook.com/RepTimTwardzik